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Cat Magic Organ Scratching Board

Cat Magic Organ Scratching Board

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Product features

  • Product size: 21x26x27cm
  • It contains 3 diameter 5cm ball,a power cord plug,a launcher and a product brochure
  • 5cm(smaller than regular size tennis ball) diameter elastic tennis, suit for small age pet bite
  • Three-stage launch distance control, adapt to different small indoor space
  • Mini body, not take up space, easy to place, fit in the free corner

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Do You Have a Cat Who Gets Bored Easily?

There will always be a need for your cat to play, and random cardboard boxes won't suffice. Cats will enjoy hours of fun and stimulation playing with the Organ Scratching Board, designed to appeal to their natural predatory instincts.

Perfect Solution to Stop Cats from Destruction

The Organ Scratching Board is designed to cater to cats' hunting, scratching, and chasing habits. This interactive cat toy is designed with a clever structural design that allows it to take on a variety of forms, thus increasing a cat's curiosity and reducing furniture damage.

Boosts mood and relieves anxiety

It is estimated that one in three cats suffer from anxiety and stress because of boredom. The Organ Scratching Board can make cats happier and healthier by providing them with proper stimulation.

Innovative Structure Design

A smart glare ball and a bell ball are included in the package, which can be placed on the track. Once the track is unfolded, the ring ball won't fall out no matter how your cat plays. It saves your cat from having to chase them around the room or look for them under the couch

Made from Corrugated paper material

A high-quality, eco-friendly corrugated paper is selected, honeycomb encryption is thickened, the gaps are tight, strong, and durable, and do not hurt claws

😻NOTEA single circle stretchy cat scratcher is suitable for cats under 10 pounds, and cats over 10 pounds need to buy two magic organ cat scratching board for splicing.


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